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What is $RIP

The No.1 doge on Fantom with best Liquidity.



Fantom Doge ($RIP) is a reflection token, which means your $RIP tokens will be increased automatically. When someone trades $RIP, 5% of the total amount will be distributed to $RIP holders. No impermanent loss(IL) at all. Buy and Hodl.

Automated Liquidity Acquisition

Liquidity Depth is one of the most important parts of meme economy. The deeper liquidity is, the lower slippage would be. $RIP's Liquidity will be increased automatically at each trade. 5% of the slippage will be used for adding on Spookyswap's $FTM/$RIP Liquidity.

Fair Launch

100% of the $RIP token has been added to the Spookyswap Liquidity pool. For LP token, it has been sent to the black hole address.

Rug Free

The LP token has been sent to the black hole address. That means no one can rug pull the liquidity pool.
The smart contract's ownership has been renounced. No one can change it.
The smart contract has been audited by Solidity Finance.
Last modified 1yr ago