How to Buy $RIP

Step 1. Get $FTM on Exchange

Since Binance support Fantom mainnet, we suggest buying $FTM via Binance.

Step 2. Withdraw $FTM to Metamask

2.1 Get Wallet address

Open metamask,choose Fantom Opera as Network。

If you haven't set network before. you can check link below.

Copy wallet address

2.2 Withdaws From Binance

Paste the wallet address that you copied.

Make share you choose Fantom as the network

Step 3. Swap $RIP

Click Link below (SpookySwap).

3.1 Connect Wallet

Click Connect button on top right corner.

3.2 Select $RIP

Select RIP by click "BOO" button, then type "RIP" in the search bar. You will find RIP token, then click it.


If RIP doesn't show on the search result, you can search it via it's smart contract address.


3.3 Set Slippage, and Swap

Set Slippage, range can be 12%~15%

Click Swap

Step 4 Import $RIP Metamask

Open metamask, click Import Tokens. Paste $RIP's smart contract address


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